Hollyman Care Homes provide high quality person centred care

for older people living with Dementia.

We provide a high level of support that is inclusive of the individual, their family and friends and the community in order to actively support the person to live well.

Each resident is encouraged to achieve their potential capacity physically, emotionally and socially. Ongoing assessments are carried out to recognise the changing needs of individuals. These ‘Care Plans’ are available for relatives to see and contribute to. Resident’s wishes are recognised and not pushed aside because they do not fit in with the pattern of group living. Flexibility is necessary in order to meet needs of a group of individuals under one roof. We pride ourselves on being homes for life and therefore we will meet each persons changing needs throughout their stay with us. 


Our Aims

The aims of Hollyman Care Homes are to provide a professional standard of care and service to the elderly within a safe, homely and comfortable environment. Whilst encouraging residents to become part of a family unit, much emphasis will be placed on the specific needs of the individual. Independence, dignity and respect are the key considerations to optimise the quality of life with the freedom of choice and flexibility foremost in our aims to enhance the latter years. Background information of each resident will be of particular value with regard to interests, hobbies and activities to encourage the continuation of a ‘normal life’. To this end the assistance of relatives and friends would be most welcome.

PRIVACY The right of a resident to be left alone & undisturbed whenever they wish.
DIGNITY The understanding of a resident’s needs & treating them with respect.
INDEPENDENCE Allowing a resident to take calculated risks, to make their own decisions & think or act for themselves.
CHOICE Giving a resident the opportunity to select for themselves from a range of alternative options.
RIGHTS Keeping all basic human rights available to the resident.
FULFILLMENT Enabling the resident to realise their own aims & helping them to achieve these goals in all aspects of daily living.



Mealtimes are an important part of daily life at Hollyman Care Homes. Our dining areas provide an opportunity to socialise with fellow residents over a delicious home cooked meal that is freshly prepared daily by our cooks. Our meals are tasty and nutritionally balanced. We take advantage of fresh seasonal produce, which allows us to offer a range of different meals year round. Our cooks produce a delicious choice of menu options daily and we regularly consult with our residents to understand their preferences. Home cooked food is just one of the many things we do to ensure we have a homely environment. Mealtimes are a sociable occasion and our residents  are encouraged to share this experience in one of our dining rooms or if they prefer, in the comfort of their own bedroom. Naturally, the choice is entirely theirs.

Early morning (on waking) – Cup of tea & biscuits or toast.
8am – Breakfast: Cereals, porridge, toast.
11am – Morning coffee: Hot drinks & biscuits.
1pm – Lunch: Roasts, fish and chips, casserole.
3pm – Afternoon tea: Homemade cakes, & biscuits.
5pm – High tea: Homemade soup & rolls, sandwiches.
8pm onwards – Supper: Hot drinks and light snacks.