At Broadlands Park, we cherish the memory of Val James, a beloved figure who touched the lives of many within our care home.

In recognition of Val’s profound impact, we unveiled a beautiful bench that now stands as a timeless tribute. This bench serves as a place of solace and reflection, providing a space for residents, staff, and visitors to pause and remember Val’s unwavering love and kindness.

Next to the bench, we planted a yellow rose bush, Val’s favourite flower. As the yellow roses bloom, they symbolise the joy, friendship, and warmth that Val brought to our community. This living tribute serves as a reminder of her everlasting presence and the legacy she left behind.

Val’s daughter Elaine and granddaughter Francis, who continue to contribute to the well-being of our residents, embody the values Val held dear. Their presence and dedication carry her spirit forward, ensuring her legacy lives on.

We invite you to visit Broadlands Park, where you can find solace on Val’s bench and appreciate the vibrant yellow roses that symbolize her lasting impact. Val’s memory will forever remain in our hearts, guiding us as we strive to create a nurturing and caring environment for all who call Broadlands Park their home.

Join us in honouring Val’s legacy, as we remember her profound love and celebrate the lasting imprint she left on our community.