Sweet Memories and Biscuit Delights!

There’s something magical about the simple joy of a biscuit. Whether it’s the crumbly texture, the comforting aroma, or the memories it carries with each bite, biscuits hold a special place in our hearts. This truth was more than evident as Martham Lodge celebrated National Biscuit Day with a unique and playful twist.

With a crisp summer day as our backdrop, our wonderful residents and dedicated staff gathered to pay homage to this humble treat, armed with a steaming cup of tea and an array of biscuits that would make any confectionery jealous. The variety was astounding: crumbly digestives, creamy custard creams, crunchy hobnobs, luxurious bourbons, and so many more. You could almost taste the nostalgia in the air.

Our highlight of the day was an engaging “Naming the Biscuit” quiz. With a playful spirit, everyone put their biscuit knowledge to the test, guessing the names of various biscuits with laughter and jest. The room echoed with cheers and chortles as residents racked their brains to identify each treat. It wasn’t just a quiz, it was a journey down memory lane.

Nicola, our dedicated and ever-enthusiastic manager, summed up the event perfectly. “Days like these truly exemplify what Martham Lodge is all about – a blend of fun, laughter, and heartwarming camaraderie. We’re not just a care home, we’re a family, relishing these sweet moments together.”